Agricultural Services

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Forage Production


‘Your grass quality is our priority’

Forage Production is a key component of our contracting business; equally it is a key component of a farming business, at D & D Wallbank we realise the demands of each individual farmer. Silage quality largely effects production and profits, therefore it is necessary to ensure your contractor understands this and has the machinery, knowledge and ability to achieve top quality silage.
We provide both grass and wholecrop silage production services.

The grass silage production consists of two full teams, allowing us and each of our customers to make the most of the available weather windows. Mowers include two sets of 30ft cut claas triple mowers ensuring a service efficient on both time and fuel. Depending on farmer requirements, grass can be tedded if necessary. Forage harvesters include a John Deere 7450 and a John Deere 7380, both with the ability to alter chop length according to customer preferences. Grass is buckraked using JCB loading shovels, as this is a particularly important part of the silaging process drivers are knowledgeable and trained and are willing to complete the job according to your requirements.

We also offer a round baling service for silage, hay, haylage and straw. Using a McHale Fusion 2 allows us to provide both baling and wrapping in a single operation, allowing it to be carried out by one man and one machine, therefore reducing costs and improving efficiency for both us and the customer.

All machinery is fitted with floatation tyres, in order to reduce soil damage due to soft land and ground compaction.

Forage Production Forage Production Forage Production
Silage Production

Ploughing & Cultivation

Ploughing and cultivation services are available with a Kuhn 5 furrow reversible plough also offering power harrowing and planting.

Silage Production

Muck & Slurry Spreading

Umbilical slurry spreading includes either spread plate, or 7m dribble bar, with two pumps and 3600meters of pipe, and a trailing shoe injector available, allowing for two umbilical teams to be working simultaneously, or double pumping if required.

Slurry tanking is also available with 2500 gallon LGP tankers, and muck-spreading with a 10 ton rear discharge spreader or 2000 West dual spreader.

Tractors are fitted with floatation tyres to reduce soil damage, staff are well trained and experienced, ensuring the job is carried out according to farm requirements and preferences.

Muck & Slurry Spreading Muck & Slurry Spreading
Tractor and driver available with:
  • Dump trailer
  • Flat bed 24 & 20ft trailer
  • Low loader trailer
  • 7 x 14ton bailey trailers available for hauling muck/silage etc
Alternative machine and driver available:
    • 13 ton 360° CAT digger
    • 3 ton 360° Neuson mini digger
    • JCB loadall